Frequently Asked Questions

We have one process in our factory that we need to improve are you able to work on this as a standalone project?

Yes our process engineers are able to customise our solutions to your needs. Whether that need is to implement one continuous improvement project or implement a full continuous improvement methodology the choice is yours and we will design it accordingly.

We have a continuous improvement methodology but our teams lack implementation experience, are you able to assist our teams in their capabilities to solve problems?

Yes we have many years of experience in the use of problem solving tools like Root Cause Analysis in the FMCG manufacturing environment. We are able to work with your teams hands on solving problems and building their capabilities in order to ensure continuous improvement lives on in your facility long after we are gone.

Our resourcing costs are too high and inefficient we need assistance in identifying opportunities to implement Automation that will help reduce costs and increase efficiency, can you help with this?

Dobb industries specialise not only in Continuous Improvement but also identification, supply and turn key delivery of 4th Industrial Revolution automation, from robotic packing and palletising, augmented reality for maintenance, use of drones for counting and stock taking, bots for clerk entries and much more our solutions can be customised to your needs.

We are struggling to find opportunities for savings can you help us identify opportunities that we cant seem to find?

Dobb Industries are specialists in unpacking the potential for savings and identifying the best opportunities to go after. Ask us about our techniques that we can use in your business environment, from understanding your cost base to zero based budgeting and prioritization of opportunities our methods are guaranteed to deliver results.

We need to develop our teams Root Cause Analysis and problem solving skills do you offer any courses that we can use?

At Dobb industries we believe the growth is key to personal success, in order to make the most of our development courses we customize our courses to your company and offer a personalized solution with team engagement that is balances theory with practicle implementation. Contact us for more information about how we can help your teams grow and be a part of yur continuous improvement journey.